Auchi Polytechnic School Fees For ND Students 2024

Are you considering pursuing a National Diploma (ND) program at Auchi Polytechnic in Nigeria? We’ve got you covered with an insightful overview of the school fees, payment procedures, and deadlines. Auchi Polytechnic is renowned for providing high-quality education to prepare graduates for the workforce.

Breakdown of School Fees:

Auchi Polytechnic’s ND school fees are categorized into tuition fees and administrative charges, varying based on the chosen course of study. Here’s a breakdown of the tuition fees for some popular ND courses:

  • Accounting: ₦180,000
  • Business Administration: ₦160,000
  • Computer Science: ₦200,000
  • Electrical Engineering: ₦230,000
  • Mechanical Engineering: ₦250,000

Administrative Charges:

ND students are also required to pay administrative charges, including:

  • Acceptance Fee: ₦15,000
  • ICT Levy: ₦5,000
  • CEDAP Fee: ₦3,000
  • Anti-Cult Fee: ₦500
  • Scratch Card Fee: ₦1,500
  • Student Union/Student Dues: ₦1,000

Payment Procedures and Deadlines:

Students can opt to pay the full amount or choose installment payments. For installment plans, a minimum 50% deposit is required, with the remaining balance due before the semester begins.

Deadlines for fee payments vary:

  • First Semester: Two weeks before the semester starts
  • Second Semester: Two weeks after the semester commences

Late Payment Fee:

It’s crucial to adhere to deadlines as late payments incur additional fees.


Auchi Polytechnic offers a diverse range of ND programs with affordable fees and flexible payment options. Ensure timely payment to avoid late fees and embark on your educational journey at one of Nigeria’s leading polytechnics. For more detailed information, refer to Auchi Polytechnic’s official website or contact the institution directly.

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