Bells University of Technology School Fees for All Courses

Bells University of Technology is a renowned institution in Nigeria that offers a wide range of courses across various faculties.

As prospective students and parents consider applying to the university, it is essential to have a comprehensive understanding of the school fees structure.

In this article, we will provide an in-depth breakdown of Bells University of Technology’s school fees for each faculty, ensuring that you have all the necessary information to make informed decisions.

• Faculty of Engineering

1. Computer Engineering: The school fees for Computer Engineering at Bells University of Technology is ₦500,000 per session.

2. Electrical/Electronics Engineering: The school fees for Electrical/Electronics Engineering is ₦500,000 per session.

3. Mechanical Engineering: The school fees for Mechanical Engineering is ₦500,000 per session.

4. Mechatronics Engineering: The school fees for Mechatronics Engineering is ₦500,000 per session.

5. Telecommunication Engineering: The school fees for Telecommunication Engineering is ₦500,000 per session.

• Faculty of Management Sciences

1. Accounting: The school fees for Accounting is ₦400,000 per session.

2. Business Administration: The school fees for Business Administration is ₦400,000 per session.

3. Economics: The school fees for Economics is ₦400,000 per session.

4. Finance: The school fees for Finance is ₦400,000 per session.

5. Marketing: The school fees for Marketing is ₦400,000 per session.

• Faculty of Natural and Applied Sciences

1. Biochemistry: The school fees for Biochemistry is ₦400,000 per session.

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2. Biological Sciences: The school fees for Biological Sciences is ₦400,000 per session.

3. Chemistry: The school fees for Chemistry is ₦400,000 per session.

4. Industrial Chemistry: The school fees for Industrial Chemistry is ₦400,000 per session.

5. Microbiology: The school fees for Microbiology is ₦400,000 per session.

• Faculty of Environmental Sciences

1. Architecture: The school fees for Architecture is ₦400,000 per session.

2. Building Technology: The school fees for Building Technology is ₦400,000 per session.

3. Estate Management: The school fees for Estate Management is ₦400,000 per session.

4. Quantity Surveying: The school fees for Quantity Surveying is ₦400,000 per session.

5. Urban and Regional Planning: The school fees for Urban and Regional Planning is ₦400,000 per session.


Are there any additional fees apart from the tuition fees?

Yes, apart from tuition fees, students are required to pay for accommodation, registration, medical fees, and other charges. These additional fees may vary depending on the specific requirements of each faculty.

Is the school fees payment done annually or per semester?

The school fees payment at Bells University of Technology is done per session (annually).

Are there any scholarships or financial aid options available?

Bells University of Technology provides scholarships and financial aid opportunities to outstanding students based on merit. Eligible candidates can apply for these programs and receive financial support.

Can the school fees change from year to year?

Yes, the school fees at Bells University of Technology are subject to change.

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