Federal University of Health Sciences, Ila Orangun (FUHSI) Campuses, Hostels and Accommodation

Welcome to the Federal University of Health Sciences, Ila Orangun (FUHSI), a prestigious institution in Nigeria dedicated to excellence in health sciences education, research, and community engagement. In this article, we will delve into FUHSI’s campuses, hostels, and accommodation options, providing valuable insights for prospective students and those interested in the university.

Overview of FUHSI Campuses

FUHSI boasts a comprehensive infrastructure with a main campus serving as the administrative hub, housing academic departments, research facilities, and administrative offices. Additionally, the university has strategically located annex campuses to ensure accessibility and convenience for students. These annex campuses facilitate regional collaboration and cater to students from diverse backgrounds, offering a wide range of courses.

Facilities and Infrastructure

FUHSI is committed to providing an optimal learning environment with state-of-the-art facilities, including modern academic buildings, well-stocked libraries, cutting-edge laboratories, and top-notch sports facilities. These amenities are designed to support students in their academic pursuits and overall well-being.

Academic Buildings FUHSI’s academic buildings are modern and well-equipped, fostering interactive learning through spacious lecture halls, classrooms, and laboratories.

Libraries The university libraries offer an extensive collection of resources in both print and digital formats, catering to the research and study needs of health sciences students.

Laboratories Equipped with advanced technology, FUHSI’s laboratories provide students with hands-on training and practical experience in their respective fields.

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Sports Facilities Recognizing the importance of physical activity, FUHSI encourages a healthy lifestyle with spacious sports fields, indoor and outdoor courts, and well-equipped gyms.

Hostel and Accommodation

Options FUHSI understands the importance of comfortable living arrangements and offers both on-campus hostels and off-campus accommodation options.

On-Campus Hostels FUHSI’s

on-campus hostels provide a safe and inclusive environment with various room configurations, fostering a sense of community among students.

Off-Campus Accommodation

For those seeking more independent living arrangements, FUHSI assists students in finding suitable off-campus options, maintaining partnerships with trusted landlords and real estate agents.

Amenities and Services FUHSI

strives to enhance the overall student experience with comprehensive amenities and services.

Dining Facilities The university’s dining facilities offer a variety of meal options to suit different dietary preferences, providing a comfortable environment for students to socialize.

Health Services Prioritizing student well-being, FUHSI provides on-campus health services, including routine check-ups and access to basic healthcare, ensuring students’ medical needs are met.


the Federal University of Health Sciences, Ila Orangun, stands as a beacon of excellence in health sciences education. With its exceptional campuses, diverse accommodation options, and comprehensive facilities, FUHSI is committed to nurturing the holistic development of its students. Whether you’re considering enrollment or simply exploring educational opportunities, FUHSI promises an enriching experience at the intersection of academia and health sciences.

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