How To Calculate Ilaro Poly Cut Off Mark For Nursing 2024

Ilaro Polytechnic in Ogun State, Nigeria, is renowned for its nursing program, attracting many aspirants. To secure admission, understanding how to calculate the cut-off mark is crucial. This blog post delves into the process for the 2023/2024 academic session and provides tips to enhance your chances.

How to Calculate Ilaro Poly Cut Off Mark for Nursing

The cut-off mark is derived from your UTME score, post-UTME screening score, and O’level results, using the following formula:

Cut-off Mark = (UTME Score * 0.4) + (Post-UTME Screening Score * 0.3) + (O’level Results * 0.3)

For instance, if your UTME score is 200, post-UTME is 70, and you have five O’level credit passes, the calculation would be:

Cut-off Mark = (200 * 0.4) + (70 * 0.3) + (5 * 0.3)
Cut-off Mark = 80 + 21 + 1.5
Cut-off Mark = 102.5

This implies that you need a minimum score of 102.5 to qualify for nursing at Ilaro Polytechnic.

Tips for Improving Your Chances of Admission

  1. Excel in O’level Exams: Ilaro Polytechnic values O’level results, so strive for excellent grades. Regular study and practice can significantly enhance your performance.
  2. Prepare for UTME and Post-UTME: Devote ample time to UTME preparation and perform well in the post-UTME screening. Consistent effort and practice can make a substantial difference.
  3. Seek Additional Qualifications: Consider obtaining relevant certifications or participating in extracurricular activities related to nursing. This demonstrates your commitment and passion for the field.
  4. Craft an Impressive Personal Statement: When applying, write a compelling personal statement highlighting your interest in nursing, experiences, and goals. This gives the admissions committee insight into your aspirations.
  5. Gather Strong Letters of Recommendation: Obtain recommendation letters from teachers or professionals who can vouch for your capabilities and suitability for nursing.
  6. Attend Open Days or Workshops: If possible, attend Ilaro Polytechnic’s open days or nursing-related workshops to showcase your genuine interest and enthusiasm.
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Understanding the cut-off mark calculation process is crucial for aspiring nursing students at Ilaro Polytechnic. By following the provided formula and implementing the suggested tips, you can enhance your chances of securing admission. Remember, dedication and preparation are key to realizing your dream of studying nursing at this prestigious institution.

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