Iresi Polytechnic School Fees For Freshers And Returning Students 2024

Welcome to Iresi Polytechnic, your gateway to quality education in Osun State, Nigeria. In this guide, we’ll provide an easy-to-understand overview of the school fees for both freshers and returning students for the upcoming academic session (2023/2024) at Iresi Polytechnic.

Iresi Polytechnic Overview:

Established in 2014, Iresi Polytechnic has built a strong reputation for delivering high-quality education in engineering, technology, business, and management. The institution is proud of its commitment to preparing students for successful careers, with graduates in high demand by employers.

School Fees Overview:

Understanding the financial aspect of education is crucial for prospective students. The average school fees for Iresi Polytechnic students range from N300,000 to N400,000, varying based on the chosen course of study. To help students plan their budget effectively, additional fees include:

  1. Acceptance fee: N20,000
  2. Registration fee: N30,000
  3. Examination fee: N15,000
  4. Hostel fee: N100,000 (optional)

Factors to Consider When Budgeting:

When planning your budget, consider the following factors to ensure a comprehensive financial plan:

  1. Cost of Tuition:
    • Allocate sufficient funds for tuition, the most significant expense associated with school fees.
  2. Cost of Accommodation:
    • Decide whether to opt for on-campus or off-campus accommodation, considering the associated costs.
  3. Cost of Food:
    • Budget for your food expenses, taking into account your eating habits and preferences.
  4. Cost of Transportation:
    • Consider your travel habits when budgeting for transportation costs.
  5. Cost of Books and Supplies:
    • Factor in the expenses for books and supplies, which may vary based on your course requirements.
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Iresi Polytechnic is dedicated to providing a conducive learning environment, and understanding the financial aspects of education is vital for a successful academic journey. By considering the outlined factors and fees, students can create a well-rounded budget for the 2023/2024 academic session at Iresi Polytechnic. Prepare for an enriching educational experience that sets the stage for a successful future.

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