List Of Art Courses Offered In Crutech

Are you passionate about art and considering pursuing your studies at Cross River University of Technology (CRUTECH) in Calabar, Nigeria? This blog post will provide you with essential information on admission requirements, art courses offered, and potential career prospects for art graduates from CRUTECH.

Admission Requirements:

To be eligible for admission at CRUTECH, you must meet the following general requirements:

  1. Obtain a minimum of five (5) relevant credits in O’level subjects, including English Language and Mathematics.
  2. Achieve a minimum UTME score of 140.
  3. Fulfill specific departmental requirements for your chosen art course.

Art Courses Offered:

CRUTECH’s Faculty of Arts offers a diverse range of art courses, including:

  1. English Language and Literature
  2. History and International Studies
  3. Linguistics
  4. Mass Communication
  5. Music
  6. Philosophy
  7. Theatre Arts

Specific Departmental Requirements:

While the admission requirements for art courses vary, many departments, such as Music and Theatre Arts, typically require candidates to submit a portfolio showcasing their artistic work.

Career Prospects:

Upon graduation from CRUTECH’s art programs, you’ll have various career opportunities based on your chosen course:

  1. English Language and Literature graduates can pursue careers as teachers, editors, and writers.
  2. Mass Communication graduates may find employment as journalists, broadcasters, and public relations professionals.

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Embarking on an art education journey at CRUTECH can open doors to exciting career prospects. By understanding the admission requirements, exploring the available art courses, and envisioning potential career paths, you’ll be well-prepared to make informed decisions about your academic future at CRUTECH.

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