List Of Art Courses Offered In IMT Enugu

Are you interested in pursuing art courses at the renowned Institute of Management and Technology (IMT) Enugu in Nigeria? This blog post is tailored just for you! We’ll delve into the various art programs offered, outline admission requirements, and shed light on the exciting career opportunities awaiting graduates.

Art Courses Offered at IMT Enugu:

  1. Fine Art
  2. Industrial Design
  3. Fashion Design and Clothing Technology
  4. Graphic Design
  5. Printing Technology

Admission Requirements:

To enroll in any of the art courses at IMT Enugu, applicants need a minimum of five (5) credits in relevant O’level subjects, which must include English Language and Mathematics. Specific requirements for each program are as follows:

  • Fine Art: SSSC with five (5) credits in Fine Art and English Language.
  • Industrial Design: SSSC with five (5) credits in Fine Art, Mathematics, and Physics.
  • Fashion Design and Clothing Technology: SSSC with five (5) credits in Fine Art, Clothing and Textiles, and English Language.
  • Graphic Design: SSSC with five (5) credits in Fine Art, Mathematics, and English Language.
  • Printing Technology: SSSC with five (5) credits in Fine Art, Mathematics, and Physics.

Career Prospects for IMT Enugu Art Graduates:

Graduates from IMT Enugu’s art courses have diverse career opportunities, such as:

  • Fine Art Graduates: Artists, art teachers, and art therapists in museums, galleries, and studios.
  • Industrial Design Graduates: Industrial designers in manufacturing companies, design studios, and product design roles.
  • Fashion Design Graduates: Fashion designers, costume designers, and fashion stylists in clothing companies and fashion houses.
  • Graphic Design Graduates: Graphic designers in advertising agencies, publishing houses, web design, and user interface design roles.
  • Printing Technology Graduates: Printing technologists in printing companies.
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Embarking on an art education journey at IMT Enugu opens doors to a world of creative possibilities. As you explore your passion, remember that the skills you acquire will pave the way for fulfilling careers in various industries. Dare to dream and shape your artistic future at IMT Enugu!

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