List of Courses Offered in Sports University | NUC Approved

Welcome to Sports University, an institution committed to providing top-notch education that aligns with international standards. Accredited by the National Universities Commission (NUC), Sports University offers a diverse range of courses across various faculties, making it a preferred choice for students seeking quality higher education in Nigeria.

List of Courses Offered at Sports University:

  1. Compulsory Physical Sports/High Performance Training:

    • American Football (AMF)
    • Baseball (BSB)
    • Badminton (BMT)
    • Basketball (BKB)
    • Boxing (BXG)
    • Cricket (CKT)
    • Football (FTB)
    • Golf (GOF)
    • Gymnastics (GMS)
    • Handball (HDB)
    • Dart (DAT)
    • Hockey (HCK)
    • Lawn Tennis (LNT)
    • Rugby (RGB)
    • Squash (SQS)
    • Swimming (SMN)
    • Table Tennis (TBT)
    • Taekwondo (TKD)
    • Track and field events (TFE)
    • Volleyball (VLB)
    • Wrestling (WSL)
    • Weightlifting (WLG)
  2. Conventional Degree Programs – Faculty of Health Sciences:

    • Nursing Science (NSC)
    • Public Health (PBH)
    • Physiotherapy (PYS)
  3. Conventional Degree Programs – Faculty of Management and Social Sciences:

    • Accounting (ACC)
    • Business Administration (BDM)
    • Economics (ECO)
    • International Relations (ITR)
    • Public Administration (PBA)
  4. Sports Degree Programs – Faculty of Sport Science:

    • Sport Science and Technology (SST)
    • Sport Administration and Management (SAM)
    • Physical and Health Sciences (PHE)

Quality Education and International Standards:

Sports University stands out for its unwavering commitment to providing quality education. The courses offered are meticulously designed to meet the evolving needs of students and prepare them for success in their chosen professions. The university’s emphasis on international standards further solidifies its position as a premier institution for higher education in Nigeria.


In the dynamic landscape of higher education in Nigeria, Sports University stands as a beacon of quality education. Whether you’re passionate about sports or pursuing conventional degree programs, the institution offers a comprehensive range of courses that cater to diverse interests. Choose Sports University for an educational journey that combines academic excellence with a commitment to athletic prowess.

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