List Of Universities In Osun State, And Their School Fees

Osun State, located in south-western Nigeria, boasts a rich cultural heritage and a history intertwined with education. This article provides a list of universities in Osun State along with their respective school fees. Additionally, we’ll explore factors influencing these fees and tips on finding affordable options for aspiring students.

List of Universities in Osun State:

  1. Adeleke University, Ede: N500,000
  2. Bowen University, Iwo: N500,000
  3. Fountain University, Oshogbo: N450,000
  4. Joseph Ayo Babalola University, Ikeji-Arakeji: N450,000
  5. Kings University, Ode Omu: N550,000
  6. Redeemer’s University, Ede: N550,000
  7. Wellspring University, Iragbiji: N450,000
  8. Westland University, Iwo: N450,000

School Fees:

While school fees vary among universities and programs, the average cost for private universities in Osun State is approximately N500,000 per year.

Factors Affecting School Fees:

  1. Type of university: Private universities generally charge higher fees than public ones.
  2. Program: Fees for medical and engineering programs are typically higher than those for other programs.
  3. Level of study: Postgraduate program fees are usually higher than undergraduate fees.
  4. Facilities and resources: Universities with superior facilities often charge higher fees.

How to Find Affordable Universities in Osun State:

  1. Look for scholarships and financial aid: Explore available scholarships and financial aid programs to ease the financial burden.
  2. Consider public universities: Public universities generally have lower fees compared to private institutions.
  3. Choose a less popular program: Opting for less popular programs may have lower associated costs.
  4. Transfer to a less expensive university: If fees become a challenge, consider transferring to a more budget-friendly institution after the first year.


Navigating the educational landscape in Osun State requires careful consideration of university options and associated fees. By exploring scholarships, considering program popularity, and weighing the benefits of public institutions, aspiring students can find affordable avenues for higher education.

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