OSISATECH Polytechnic School Fees For Freshers And Returning Students 2024

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on OSISATECH Polytechnic school fees for the 2023/2024 academic session. Whether you’re a fresher or a returning student, understanding the fees structure and payment options is crucial. In this blog post, we break down the school fees for various programs and provide valuable tips on how to pay seamlessly. Additionally, we’ll explore available avenues for financial assistance to help ease your educational journey.

School Fees Breakdown:

Program School Fees for Freshers (₦) School Fees for Returning Students (₦)
Computer Engineering 150,000 120,000
Electrical/Electronics Engineering Technology 150,000 120,000
Mechanical Engineering Technology 150,000 120,000
Agricultural Technology 150,000 120,000
Computer Science 150,000 120,000
Science Laboratory Technology 150,000 120,000
Accountancy 150,000 120,000
Banking and Finance 150,000 120,000
Business Administration and Management 150,000 120,000
Cooperative Economics and Management 150,000 120,000
Mass Communication 150,000 120,000
Office Technology and Management 150,000 120,000
Public Administration 150,000 120,000

Payment Methods:

  1. Online Payment:
    • Create an account on the polytechnic’s portal.
    • Log in and make your payment securely online.
  2. Bank Payment:
    • Generate a payment invoice on the polytechnic’s portal.
    • Visit any bank branch in Nigeria and make your payment.
  3. Cash Payment:
    • Visit the polytechnic’s bursary department during working hours.
    • Pay your school fees in cash to the cashier.

Financial Assistance Options:

  1. Scholarships:
    • OSISATECH Polytechnic offers various scholarships based on specific criteria.
    • Contact the polytechnic’s scholarship office to apply.
  2. Loans:
    • The polytechnic provides loans for students in need of financial assistance.
    • Reach out to the polytechnic’s bursary department for loan application details.
  3. Government Bursaries:
    • Explore bursaries offered by the Nigerian government to students in public tertiary institutions.
    • Contact your state scholarship board for information on government bursaries.
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Navigating school fees and financial assistance at OSISATECH Polytechnic is made simpler with this guide. Whether you’re a fresh student or returning for another academic year, understanding payment options and seeking financial aid can ensure a smooth educational journey. Take advantage of the available resources and focus on your studies without unnecessary financial stress.

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