School Of Health Technology Kano School Fees For Nursing

Are you considering a career in nursing and thinking about joining the School of Health Technology Kano (SHTK) in Nigeria? Look no further! In this blog post, we’ll break down all you need to know about SHTK’s nursing school fees for the upcoming academic session, payment methods, and the fantastic benefits of choosing this institution for your nursing education.

Breakdown of School Fees:

For the 2023/2024 academic session, the School of Health Technology Kano offers a three-year National Diploma (ND) program in nursing. Here’s a breakdown of the school fees for both indigene and non-indigene students in the full-time category:

  • Indigene: N64,500
  • Non-Indigene: N104,500

Additional Fees:

Apart from the basic school fees, nursing students at SHTK are required to pay the following additional fees:

  1. Acceptance fee: N25,000
  2. Medical fee: N5,000
  3. Student union fee: N1,000
  4. Sports fee: N1,000
  5. Examination fee: N5,000
  6. Library fee: N1,000
  7. Development fee: N5,000

Total School Fees:

Adding up the school fees and additional fees gives us the total amount to be paid by nursing students at SHTK for the 2023/2024 academic session:

  • Indigene: N91,500
  • Non-Indigene: N135,500

Payment Methods:

At SHTK, students have the convenience of paying their fees either online or at any designated bank branch, making the payment process hassle-free and accessible.

Benefits of Studying Nursing at SHTK:

Choosing SHTK for your nursing education comes with a range of benefits, including:

  1. Affordable school fees: SHTK offers competitive fees, ensuring that quality education is accessible to all.
  2. High-quality education: Benefit from top-notch education provided by experienced and qualified lecturers.
  3. Modern facilities and equipment: Learn in an environment equipped with the latest facilities and technology.
  4. Opportunities for internships and practical training: Gain valuable hands-on experience through internships and practical training.
  5. Strong alumni network: Join a community of successful professionals with a robust alumni network.
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Embark on your nursing journey with confidence at the School of Health Technology Kano. With affordable fees, high-quality education, and a supportive environment, SHTK is the ideal choice for aspiring nursing professionals. Whether you’re from Kano or beyond, SHTK provides an inclusive and enriching learning experience. Secure your spot now and take the first step towards a rewarding nursing career!

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