TASUED School Fees For Accounting 2024

Are you considering a career in accounting? Look no further than Tai Solarin University of Education (TASUED) in Nigeria! In this blog post, we’ll explore the university’s renowned Bachelor of Science in Accounting (B.Sc. Accounting) program, its affordability, and the various ways you can finance your education.

Why Choose TASUED for Accounting?

  1. Reputable University: TASUED is a well-established and respected institution, offering a conducive environment for learning and research.
  2. ANAN Accreditation: The B.Sc. Accounting program at TASUED is accredited by the Association of National Accountants of Nigeria (ANAN), ensuring quality education that meets industry standards.
  3. Preparation for Professional Exams: TASUED’s program is designed to prepare students for the challenging yet rewarding professional accounting exams administered by ANAN.
  4. Experienced Faculty: Learn from experienced and qualified faculty members who bring their expertise to the classroom, providing you with a solid foundation in accounting principles.

Affordability: TASUED School Fees for Accounting (2023/2024)

For the 2023/2024 academic session, the school fees for the B.Sc. Accounting program at TASUED is ₦120,000. This inclusive fee covers tuition, accommodation, and miscellaneous charges.

How to Pay Your School Fees

  1. Online Payment: Utilize the university’s online portal to conveniently pay your school fees. Create an account, log in, and complete your payment hassle-free.
  2. Bank Payment: Visit any bank branch in Nigeria, generate a payment invoice from the university’s portal, and make your payment at the bank.
  3. Cash Payment: If you prefer paying in cash, head to the university’s bursary department during working hours and make your payment to the cashier.

Financial Assistance: Your Path to Education

  1. Scholarships: TASUED offers various scholarships based on specific criteria. Reach out to the university’s scholarship office to explore scholarship opportunities.
  2. Loans: If you need financial assistance, TASUED provides loan options. Contact the university’s bursary department to apply for a loan to support your education.
  3. Government Bursaries: Take advantage of government bursaries available to students studying in public tertiary institutions. Contact your state scholarship board to apply for a government bursary.
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Conclusion: Elevate Your Accounting Career at TASUED

Studying accounting at TASUED not only offers a reputable education but also prepares you for professional success. With ANAN accreditation, experienced faculty, and various financial assistance options, TASUED is your gateway to a rewarding accounting career. Invest in your future – choose TASUED for a quality accounting education.

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