TASUED School Fees For All Courses 2024 Session

Thinking about joining Tai Solarin University of Education (TASUED) in Nigeria? Here’s a straightforward guide to help you understand the school fees for the 2023/2024 academic session, how to pay them, and options for financial assistance.

TASUED School Fees for All Courses (2023/2024 Session):

  1. Education: ₦120,000
  2. Business Administration: ₦120,000
  3. Computer Science: ₦120,000
  4. Mass Communication: ₦120,000
  5. Accounting: ₦120,000
  6. Economics: ₦120,000
  7. English: ₦120,000
  8. Geography: ₦120,000
  9. History: ₦120,000
  10. Mathematics: ₦120,000
  11. Physics: ₦120,000
  12. Chemistry: ₦120,000
  13. Biology: ₦120,000

How to Pay Your School Fees:

  1. Online: Create an account on the university’s portal and log in to make payments.
  2. Bank: Generate a payment invoice online, then pay at any bank branch in Nigeria.
  3. Cash: Pay in cash at the university’s bursary department during working hours.

How to Get Financial Assistance:

  1. Scholarships: TASUED offers scholarships based on specific criteria. Contact the university’s scholarship office for application details.
  2. Loans: The university provides loans to students in need of financial assistance. Reach out to the bursary department to apply.
  3. Government Bursaries: The Nigerian government offers bursaries to students in public tertiary institutions. Apply for a government bursary for additional financial support.


Choosing TASUED for your education is a great decision, and understanding the school fees and available financial assistance options is crucial. Follow this guide, and you’ll be well-prepared for the 2023/2024 academic session. Good luck on your educational journey!

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