Which Bank Owns Kuda?

In recent years, digital banking has gained significant momentum, transforming the way individuals and businesses handle their finances.

One notable player in this space is Kuda, a digital-first challenger bank that has been making waves in Africa.

However, there is often confusion surrounding the ownership of Kuda.

In this article, we will delve into the details and uncover which bank owns Kuda, shedding light on its origins and providing insight into its operations.

Ownership of Kuda

Kuda is a financial technology company that provides banking services primarily through its mobile app.

While Kuda is often referred to as a bank, it is not a licensed bank itself but partners with existing financial institutions to offer its services.

Therefore, it does not have a traditional bank ownership structure.

Kuda has been able to operate as a digital bank by partnering with regulated financial institutions that provide the necessary infrastructure and oversight.

These partnerships allow Kuda to leverage the existing banking framework while offering its customers a seamless digital banking experience.

Kuda’s Investors and Funding

Kuda has successfully attracted investments from prominent venture capital firms and angel investors.

Kuda had raised $55 million in a seed funding round led by Valar Ventures, a venture capital firm founded by Peter Thiel.

Other investors include Target Global, Raffael Johnen (founder of Auxmoney), and Michael Siebel (CEO of Y Combinator).

While the ownership structure of Kuda may have evolved since then, it’s important to note that Kuda is not directly owned by any specific bank.

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Instead, it operates as an independent entity that partners with banks to deliver its services.


Is Kuda a bank?

Kuda is not a licensed bank but operates as a digital-first challenger bank. It partners with regulated financial institutions to provide banking services through its mobile app.

Who owns Kuda?

Kuda is not directly owned by any specific bank. It is an independent financial technology company that has secured investments from various venture capital firms and angel investors.

Which banks does Kuda partner with?

Kuda partners with regulated financial institutions, primarily in Nigeria, to offer its banking services. The specific banking partners may vary over time as Kuda expands its operations.

What services does Kuda offer?

Kuda offers a range of banking services through its mobile app, including no-fee bank accounts, debit cards, budgeting tools, savings options, and access to loans and credit facilities.

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