Canada Visa Lottery Application Guidelines

Canada Visa Lottery

Are you among those in search of Canada visa lottery?

Well, I am sorry to say that the Canadian government is yet to officially announce a visa lottery for all foreigners.

Nevertheless, don’t fret because there is a way out!

An alternative to the Canadian visa lottery is the Diversity Immigration Visa Program. This program is in form of a lottery that takes you to the US for free.

More about this program would be discussed as you read through!

Diversity Immigration Visa Program – The Canada Visa Lottery Alternative

I believe that your primary purpose in searching for the Canada visa lottery was to leave your home country.

Well, this program will take you out of your country but not to Canada.

The diversity immigration visa program will take you to the United States which is not a bad place after all.

So let’s talk about this lottery program!

Despite President Trump’s threats to eliminate the program, thousands will still have the opportunity to get their visa for free.

To participate you do not have to pay, you just have to meet the requirements and fill in the necessary documents.

Each year, the program provides more than 50,000 individuals with an opportunity to obtain a green card, which grants permanent residence in the United States.

Meanwhile, this process does not require a sponsor.

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Requirements to Participate In the Draw for DV-2022 Visas

There are eligibility requirements to qualify but they are simple and strict. The most important is to complete the application process before the deadline.

The government will make the selection through a computerized random lottery and will distribute the visas among six geographic regions.

No country can receive more than 7% of visas.

The authorities warned that if an individual submits more than one application during this period, they will be disqualified.

They also warn about fraudulent Internet pages that send emails telling you that you have won the raffle and ask for money in return.

To try your luck, you should register in the draw through their official website and fill out a questionnaire with personal and academic information.

It is important to do the process as soon as possible because excess demand can cause slowness in the system.

Additional Requirements

  • The countries excluded for the fiscal year 2021 (DV-2021) are; Bangladesh, Brazil, Canada, China, Colombia, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Haiti, India, Jamaica, Mexico, Nigeria, Pakistan, Peru, Philippines, South Korea, UK and Vietnam.
  • Also, applicants are required to have graduated from high school or its equivalent or have two years of work experience in an occupation that requires at least two years of training, within the last five years.

Steps To Apply For Canadian Visa

Since the Canada visa lottery is not yet available but you insist on travelling to Canada, then follow these simple steps highlighted below.

  1. Visit the Canada Visa Portal at
  2. Choose an assessment form
  3. Your contact information
  4. Enter your profile
  5. Your net worth, make sure you are not overpriced or understated.
  6. Your language skills
  7. Your work history, if any
  8. Canadian job offer
  9. Family and friends in Canada
  10. Then click Submit Form
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At this point, you have got two options to leave your country. It is either you go to the US through the DV Visa lottery or you apply for the Canadian visa.

So, you are left to decide which is best for you while you wait for the Canada visa lottery to be available.

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