How to Apply for Work Permit in USA

How to Apply for Work Permit in USA

A work permit in the United States is a special document that gives an immigrant the right to work.

It is a plastic card with information about the owner and the expiration date. For employment, the applicant must also have social insurance because without it they may not be hired.

To obtain the work permit, you must apply to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, USCIS.

This permit is valid for 2 years with the possibility of further renewal.

Eligibility to obtain a work permit in the United States

Not all immigration categories of citizens are eligible for a permit. First of all, immigrants who have arrived on a work visa can count on employment.

Also, there is a list of applicants who can apply below;

  • Refugees and their relatives
  • Asylum seekers in America
  • Citizens with a residence permit, their close relatives
  • Close relatives of employees of diplomatic institutions
  • Persons arriving on a work visa

Required Documents to Obtain a Work Permit

To obtain a work permit, you must provide a list of documents to the US Citizenship and Immigration Service.

Among them is the I-765 form which will need to be downloaded and printed from the USCIS website. There is also an I-94 immigration card which serves as proof of legal residence in the United States.

Other documents are included;

  • A copy of your international passport. You need a copy of the first page and the page with the visa.
  • A copy of the document confirming the legality of staying in the United States (green card, labour visa, etc.)
  • Two-colour photographs as for a passport, on the reverse side they can be signed (surname and first name), so that they do not get lost.
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Steps to Apply for Work Permit in USA

You follow the steps below to obtain a work permit in the USA

  1. Fill out Form I-765

This form is filled out on the USCIS website online, except for a few items that are filled in manually after printing the document.


You need to fill out the document in English, but even if you do not know English perfectly, it will not be particularly difficult for you.

Below are the expected details to fill

  • Full name
  • Other names
  • US Mailing Address
  • Country of citizenship or nationality
  • Place of Birth
  • Date of Birth
  • Gender
  • Marital Status
  • Among others


  1. Send Your Documents and Application Form

The address for sending documents to USCIS may differ – it depends on which category of applicants you belong to. The current address can be found on this page.

Before sending again, make sure that all the documents are correct, fill in the correct office address.

  1. Track Your Status and Wait For Reply

Everyone can track the status of the movement of documents online on the USCIS website.

If you prepared all the documents correctly and did not make a mistake anywhere in 7-10 days, you should receive a notification that the documents have been accepted for work.

The notification comes to the mail at the address, you specified in paper form.

If you filled out the documents correctly and approved your application, then you will see the following message on the website of the Citizenship and Immigration Service.

If a USCIS error is found in your documents, clarifying information is required, then a form will be sent to your mail, which will indicate which documents need to be submitted additionally.

  1. Register an SSN and Get a Job
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At this stage, you can start registering an SSN and get a legal job. The main thing is not to forget to send an application for renewal of the permit on time and it is better to do this 2-3 months before the expiration of the current work permit.

Renewing a Work Permit in the United States

The renewal procedure is no different from the original authorization procedure.

In addition to the initial documents, you will need;

  • Copy of valid document
  • A copy of Form I-797C
  • Check for $ 410 fee payable to the US Department of Homeland Security.


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