Courses Offered At Ronik Polytechnic, Ejigbo

Choosing the right academic path is a big decision that shapes your future success. Ronik Polytechnic, located in Ejigbo, Nigeria, is a well-known institution that offers a variety of courses across different fields. This blog post is your go-to guide to the diverse range of programs available at Ronik Polytechnic, organized by their respective departments.

School of Business and Management Studies:

a. Accountancy: Learn about accounting principles to prepare for leadership and entrepreneurial roles in various industries. b. Business Administration and Management: Acquire advanced knowledge and practical skills in business administration, covering areas like marketing, finance, and human resource management.

School of Science and Engineering:

a. Computer Science: Explore computer programming, software development, and related technologies, gearing up for careers in web development, software engineering, and data analysis. b. Electrical/Electronics Engineering: Engage in a rigorous curriculum to gain expertise in designing, analyzing, and maintaining electrical and electronic systems. c. Computer Engineering: Combine computer science and electronics knowledge to design, develop, and test computer systems and embedded systems.

Department of General Studies:

a. General Education: Build a strong foundation in essential subjects like English Language, Mathematics, and Entrepreneurship, preparing for academic success in your chosen field.


Each program at Ronik Polytechnic is carefully designed to equip students with the necessary knowledge, skills, and industry-specific expertise for success in their chosen fields. Whether you’re interested in business, science, or engineering, Ronik Polytechnic has a program tailored to your interests and aspirations.

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