Federal Polytechnic Bida Hostel Fees For Students

Looking for a reliable guide on Federal Polytechnic Bida’s hostel fees? You’re in the right place! In this blog post, we’ll break down everything you need to know about accommodation costs, payment procedures, and deadlines at this leading Nigerian polytechnic.

 Understanding Hostel Fees

Federal Polytechnic Bida provides a range of hostel options for students, ensuring a conducive environment for learning. To plan your budget effectively, it’s essential to grasp the breakdown of hostel fees, divided into room fees and utility fees.

Room Fees Breakdown:

  • Male Hostel:
    • Single Room: ₦13,000
    • Double Room: ₦8,000
  • Female Hostel:
    • Single Room: ₦13,000
    • Double Room: ₦8,000

Utility Fees:

  • Utility Fee: ₦5,000 (covering water, electricity, and security)

Payment Procedures and Deadlines

Now that you know the costs, let’s delve into how you can pay these fees and the crucial deadlines to keep in mind.

Payment Options:

  • Full Payment or Installments: You can choose to pay the full amount or in installments.
    • For installments, begin with a minimum 50% deposit.
    • Ensure the remaining balance is settled before the semester begins.


  • First Semester: Usually, two weeks before the semester starts.
  • Second Semester: Typically, two weeks after the semester kicks off.

Late Payment Consequences:

  • Missing the deadline incurs a late payment fee, usually 10% of the total fees.


Choosing Federal Polytechnic Bida means opting for quality education in a conducive environment. Now armed with this comprehensive guide to hostel fees, you can plan your stay with confidence. Remember to adhere to payment deadlines to avoid any additional charges. Have a great academic journey at Federal Polytechnic Bida!

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