Federal Polytechnic Shendam Recruitment 2024: How To Apply

Federal Polytechnic Shendam, situated in the Shendam Local Government Area of Plateau State, Nigeria, stands as a prominent public polytechnic offering a diverse range of courses in engineering, technology, business, and management. Established in 2007, the institution has gained recognition for its commitment to providing high-quality education, producing graduates sought after by employers.

Overview of Federal Polytechnic Shendam:

Federal Polytechnic Shendam, founded in 2007, has emerged as a leading institution in Plateau State, Nigeria. Known for its excellence in education, it caters to students aspiring for careers in engineering, technology, business, and management.

Courses Offered:

The polytechnic boasts a comprehensive curriculum, providing a variety of courses to meet the diverse interests and career goals of its students. With a focus on engineering, technology, business, and management, students receive a well-rounded education that prepares them for the challenges of the professional world.

High-Quality Education and Career Success:

Federal Polytechnic Shendam has built a reputation for delivering high-quality education, equipping students with the skills and knowledge necessary for successful careers. Graduates from the institution are highly sought after by employers, reflecting the polytechnic’s commitment to producing skilled and competent professionals.

Recruitment Opportunities:

The polytechnic is currently recruiting for various positions, presenting an excellent opportunity for individuals seeking a rewarding career in engineering, technology, business, or management. Prospective applicants are encouraged to explore the available positions and apply to join the dynamic community at Federal Polytechnic Shendam.

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Application Process:

Applying for a position at Federal Polytechnic Shendam is a straightforward process. Interested individuals can follow these steps:

    • Visit the official website and navigate to the “Careers” page.
    • Click on the “Apply Now” button corresponding to the desired position.
    • Create an account and complete the online application form.
    • Attach a well-crafted CV and other relevant documents.
    • Submit the application for consideration.

Tips for a Successful Application:

To enhance the chances of a successful application, applicants are advised to:

    • Highlight skills and experiences relevant to the desired position.
    • Write in a clear and concise manner, ensuring the application is easy to understand.


Federal Polytechnic Shendam stands as a beacon for those seeking quality education and promising careers in engineering, technology, business, and management. The institution’s commitment to excellence is reflected in its track record of producing graduates in high demand by employers. As the polytechnic opens its doors for recruitment, aspiring professionals are encouraged to seize the opportunity and embark on a fulfilling journey at Federal Polytechnic Shendam.

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