Gombe State University Cut-Off Mark For Law 2024

If you’re aspiring to study law at Gombe State University (GSU) in Nigeria, understanding the cut-off marks is crucial. This blog post provides comprehensive information about the GSU cut-off mark for law in the 2023/2024 academic session. We’ll also share valuable tips to help you meet the cut-off mark and explore the benefits of pursuing a law degree at GSU.

Gombe State University Cut-Off Mark for Law (2023/2024):

The cut-off mark for law at Gombe State University for the 2023/2024 academic session is set at 200 in the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) UTME examination. Meeting this score is a prerequisite for applying to study law at GSU. Additionally, aspiring law students should be aware that the departmental cut-off mark may be higher than the JAMB UTME cut-off mark.

Calculating Your GSU Aggregate Score:

To determine your eligibility, your Gombe State University aggregate score is calculated by combining your JAMB UTME score (weighted at 60%) and your post-UTME score (weighted at 40%). Simply multiply your JAMB UTME score by 0.6, your post-UTME score by 0.4, and then add the two results together.

Tips for Meeting the GSU Cut-Off Mark for Law:

  1. Dedicated JAMB UTME Preparation: The JAMB UTME examination is highly competitive, so focus on intensive study and thorough preparation.
  2. Participate in GSU Post-UTME: Register for and actively engage in the GSU post-UTME examination, as it plays a significant role in the admission process.
  3. Excel in O’level Subjects: High scores in your O’level subjects are crucial for admission consideration, so prioritize strong performance in these areas.
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Benefits of Studying Law at Gombe State University:

  1. Experienced Lecturers: GSU boasts a robust law program led by qualified and experienced lecturers.
  2. Up-to-Date Curriculum: The law curriculum at GSU is regularly updated, ensuring coverage of the latest trends and developments in the legal field.
  3. Well-Equipped Law Library: The university provides access to a well-equipped law library with a diverse range of resources.
  4. Professional Partnerships: GSU’s strong ties with the legal profession offer students valuable opportunities for hands-on experience and networking.


understanding and meeting the cut-off mark is crucial for aspiring law students at Gombe State University. By following these tips and considering the benefits of the law program at GSU, you can enhance your chances of successful admission and a rewarding academic journey.

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