How To Check And Post Your NYSC PPA Posting Letter In Nigeria

The National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) is a mandatory one-year national service program for Nigerian graduates. After completing the orientation camp, corps members are assigned to different locations in Nigeria for their primary assignments. One crucial document for this journey is the PPA posting letter, which outlines details like the state, local government area, and place of primary assignment.

Checking Your NYSC PPA Posting Letter:

  1. Online Method: To check your PPA posting letter online, visit the NYSC portal and use your NYSC registration number and password.
  2. SMS Method: Alternatively, send an SMS with the word “PPA” followed by your NYSC registration number to the NYSC short code 32052.

Posting Your NYSC PPA Posting Letter:

  1. Check Details: After obtaining your PPA posting letter, carefully review the information, including the PPA address.
  2. By Mail: If posting by mail, send it through registered mail to ensure its safe arrival at the PPA address.
  3. By Hand: If posting by hand, take the letter to the nearest post office. Request a receipt as proof of posting.


It’s crucial for corps members to promptly check and post their NYSC PPA posting letters. Whether through the online portal or SMS, verifying the details and ensuring safe delivery to the PPA address is essential for a smooth service year. Following these steps diligently will help you navigate this aspect of your NYSC journey effectively.

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