Ilaro Poly School Fees For Business Administration 2024

Are you considering a career in business administration and eyeing Ilaro Polytechnic in Nigeria? This blog post breaks down the 2023/2024 school fees for the Business Administration program and offers practical tips on how to manage your finances while pursuing your studies.

Why Business Administration at Ilaro Polytechnic?

Ilaro Polytechnic is renowned for its high-quality Business Administration program, equipping students for successful careers in the field. Business administrators are pivotal in ensuring businesses operate efficiently and profitably.

2023/2024 School Fees for Business Administration:

To plan your finances effectively, here are the school fees for Business Administration at Ilaro Polytechnic:

  • ND 1: ₦56,900
  • ND 2: ₦55,400
  • HND 1: ₦91,900
  • HND 2: ₦110,400

Note: Additional fees such as acceptance, registration, and exam fees may apply.

Tips for Affording School Fees:

  1. Apply for Scholarships: Explore various scholarships offered by Ilaro Polytechnic for Business Administration students. Detailed information can be found on the polytechnic’s official website.
  2. Part-Time Job Opportunities: Consider securing a part-time job in Ilaro to support your financial needs. Opportunities like tutoring, restaurant work, or retail positions are available.
  3. Student Loans: If self-funding is challenging, explore student loan options provided by banks and financial institutions. Ensure you understand the terms and conditions before opting for this route.


Ilaro Polytechnic offers a promising Business Administration program, and with strategic financial planning, you can make your educational journey affordable. Explore scholarships, part-time job opportunities, and student loans to ensure a smooth academic experience. Plan ahead, stay focused, and make the most of your business administration studies at Ilaro Polytechnic.

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