Kadpoly School Fees For ND Students 2024

Are you an ND student at Kaduna Polytechnic (Kadpoly) in Nigeria? If so, understanding the school fees for the upcoming academic year is crucial. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll break down the fees, payment procedures, and deadlines to ensure you’re well-informed and ready for the academic year.

Breakdown of Kadpoly School Fees for ND Students:

Kadpoly divides the school fees for ND students into two parts: tuition fees and administrative charges. Tuition fees vary based on your course of study. Here’s a breakdown:

  1. Science and Engineering: ₦130,500
  2. Business and Communication Studies: ₦117,500
  3. Financial Management Studies: ₦109,200

In addition to tuition fees, ND students must also cover administrative charges. These charges include:

  • Sports/Games: ₦5,000
  • Examination Fee: ₦4,000
  • Medical Services: ₦10,000
  • Library Services: ₦1,000
  • Specialist Equipment: ₦13,000
  • Students’ Insurance Policy: ₦1,000
  • Faculty Charges: ₦3,000
  • Departmental Charges: ₦2,800
  • Student Affairs Charges: ₦2,000
  • Hostel Accommodation Fee (Optional): ₦25,000

Payment Procedures and Deadlines:

Kadpoly allows students to pay their school fees in full or in installments. For installment payments, a minimum 50% deposit is required initially, with the remaining balance due before the semester starts.

Deadlines for fee payments differ for the first and second semesters. The first semester deadline is usually two weeks before the semester begins, while the second semester deadline is typically two weeks after the semester starts.

Late Payment Fees:

It’s essential to meet payment deadlines to avoid late payment fees, which are usually 10% of the total fees. Failing to pay on time can result in additional financial burdens.

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Being aware of Kadpoly’s school fees structure, payment options, and deadlines is vital for a smooth academic experience. Whether you’re opting for Science and Engineering, Business and Communication Studies, or Financial Management Studies, this guide ensures you’re well-prepared for the 2023/2024 academic year at Kaduna Polytechnic.

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