List of Courses Offered in Hallmark University | NUC Approved

In the ever-evolving landscape of Nigerian higher education, Hallmark University, Ijebi Itele, stands out as a beacon of academic excellence. Approved by the National Universities Commission (NUC), Hallmark University boasts a diverse array of accredited courses designed to meet the needs of students aspiring to excel in their chosen professions. This blog post delves into the faculties and departments that make up the university’s academic tapestry, showcasing the institution’s commitment to providing quality education in line with international standards.

Overview of Hallmark University’s Accreditation by NUC:

Hallmark University has earned the prestigious approval of the National Universities Commission (NUC), a testament to its commitment to delivering quality education. This endorsement signifies that the university adheres to the highest academic standards, ensuring that students receive an education that prepares them for success in their respective fields.

Faculty of Natural & Applied Sciences:

The university’s Faculty of Natural & Applied Sciences offers a robust selection of courses, providing students with a solid foundation in the sciences. From Biochemistry to Computer Science, Mathematics to Microbiology, the faculty covers a broad spectrum of disciplines. This diversity allows students to explore their interests and align their education with their career aspirations.

    • Department of Biochemistry
    • Department of Botany
    • Department of Chemistry
    • Department of Computer Science
    • Department of Mathematics
    • Department of Microbiology
    • Department of Physics
    • Department of Zoology

Faculty of Management & Social Science:

Hallmark University recognizes the importance of holistic education, offering a comprehensive range of courses in the Faculty of Management & Social Science. From Accounting to Mass Communication, students have the opportunity to delve into disciplines that prepare them for leadership roles in various sectors.

    • Department of Accounting
    • Department of Banking and Finance
    • Department of Business Administration
    • Department of Economics
    • Department of General Studies
    • Department of Inter Relation Studies
    • Department of Marketing
    • Department of Mass Communication
    • Department of Psychology
    • Department of Sociology
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Quality Education and International Standards:

Hallmark University’s commitment to providing quality education is underscored by its alignment with international standards. The institution’s dedication to excellence makes it a preferred choice for students seeking higher education in Nigeria. The university’s adherence to NUC-approved courses further solidifies its reputation as a center for academic distinction.


Hallmark University emerges as a distinguished institution, offering a rich tapestry of NUC-approved courses through its faculties and departments. Aspiring students can be confident in their pursuit of knowledge and skills, knowing that Hallmark University provides a solid foundation for success in their chosen professions. With a commitment to quality education, this institution stands tall as a beacon of academic excellence in Nigeria.

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