TASUED School Fees For Freshers 2024

Welcome to TASUED! If you’re a fresh student gearing up for the 2023/2024 academic session, congratulations on embarking on this exciting journey at the Tai Solarin University of Education in Ijagun, Ogun State, Nigeria. This guide will help you navigate important aspects of your university life, including school fees, payment methods, and financial assistance options.

TASUED School Fees for Freshers (2023/2024 Session):

For the upcoming academic session, the school fees for freshers at TASUED is ₦120,000. This all-inclusive fee covers tuition, accommodation, and miscellaneous charges.

How to Pay Your School Fees:

There are three convenient ways to pay your school fees at TASUED:

  1. Online Payment: Utilize the university’s online portal to make secure payments. Create an account, log in, and proceed with your payment.
  2. Bank Payment: You can pay at any bank branch in Nigeria. Generate a payment invoice through the university portal and then complete your payment at the bank.
  3. Cash Payment: For those who prefer cash transactions, visit the university’s bursary department during working hours to make your payment to the cashier.

Financial Assistance at TASUED:

If you need financial assistance, TASUED provides options through scholarships, loans, and government bursaries:

  1. Scholarships: TASUED offers various scholarships based on specific criteria. Contact the university’s scholarship office for more information on eligibility and application procedures.
  2. Loans: The university’s bursary department is available for students seeking loans. Reach out to explore loan options to support your academic journey.
  3. Government Bursaries: The Nigerian government extends bursaries to students in public tertiary institutions. Get in touch with your state scholarship board to apply for government-sponsored financial assistance.
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Benefits of Studying at TASUED:

Studying at TASUED comes with several advantages:

  1. Reputation: TASUED is a well-regarded university known for its commitment to education and humanism.
  2. Program Variety: Choose from a diverse range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs in different fields.
  3. Experienced Faculty: Benefit from a dedicated team of qualified faculty members with extensive experience.
  4. Learning Environment: TASUED provides a conducive environment for academic growth and development.

As you embark on your academic journey at TASUED, use this guide to navigate important aspects of university life. We wish you a successful and fulfilling experience at the Tai Solarin University of Education!

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