Tower Polytechnic, Ibadan Cut-Off Marks (2024/2025)

Gaining admission to a respected polytechnic like Tower Polytechnic, Ibadan, requires careful planning and understanding the admission criteria. This comprehensive guide aims to clarify the cut-off marks for various National Diploma (ND) programs in the upcoming academic session (2024/2025).

Why Cut-Off Marks Matter:

Cut-off marks are the minimum scores needed in qualifying exams, indicating eligibility for specific programs. While surpassing the cut-off doesn’t guarantee admission, it’s a plus in the application process.

Understanding Tower Polytechnic’s Cut-Off System:

Tower Polytechnic uses a dynamic cut-off system, where minimum scores can vary based on program competitiveness, yearly fluctuations, and departmental discretion.

Cut-Off Marks for Key Programs:

Here are estimated cut-off marks for some popular ND programs at Tower Polytechnic:

  • Accountancy: 180
  • Business Administration: 170
  • Computer Science: 190
  • Electrical/Electronics Engineering: 185
  • Mass Communication: 165
  • Marketing: 175
  • Mechanical Engineering: 195
  • Science Laboratory Technology: 180

Note: These figures are estimates based on past data and may change for the 2024/2025 session.

Other Factors in Admission:

Meeting the cut-off is crucial but not the only factor. Tower Polytechnic considers post-JAMB screening, O’Level results, and catchment area considerations.

Tips for Admission Success:

Prospective students should:

  1. Research programs aligned with their interests and strengths.
  2. Aim for high JAMB scores and excel in any post-JAMB screening.
  3. Achieve strong O’Level results in relevant subjects.
  4. Understand Tower Polytechnic’s admission criteria and procedures.
  5. Stay updated on cut-off marks through the official website or Admissions Office.
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Understanding Tower Polytechnic’s cut-off marks and admission criteria is crucial for aspiring students. With careful preparation, meeting program requirements, and staying informed, individuals can navigate the admission process confidently, increasing their chances of success.

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