University of Lagos Cut off mark || Unilag Cut off mark for all Courses

The University of Lagos (UNILAG) is one of Nigeria’s prestigious tertiary institutions known for its academic excellence and competitive admission process.

Aspiring students often inquire about the cut-off marks for various courses offered by UNILAG.

In this article, we will provide an extensive list of courses offered at UNILAG and their corresponding cut-off marks.

Additionally, we will address four frequently asked questions related to UNILAG cut-off marks to provide comprehensive information to prospective applicants.

List of Courses and Cut-Off Marks at the University of Lagos

1. Medicine and Surgery: 280

2. Law: 175

3. Pharmacy: 170

4. Engineering courses (Civil, Electrical, Mechanical, etc.): 165

5. Accounting: 165

6. Business Administration: 160

7. Mass Communication: 160

8. Economics: 160

9. Computer Science: 160

10. Political Science: 160

11. English Language: 160

12. Sociology: 160

13. Psychology: 160

14. History and Strategic Studies: 160

15. Geography: 160


What is the minimum cut-off mark required for admission into UNILAG?

The minimum cut-off mark required for admission into UNILAG varies across courses. Generally, most competitive courses have cut-off marks ranging from 160 to 180.

2. Are there any exceptions to the cut-off marks set by UNILAG?


UNILAG sets its cut-off marks based on the competitiveness of each course and the number of available slots.

Can I gain admission into UNILAG with a cut-off mark below the specified range?

Gaining admission into UNILAG with a cut-off mark below the specified range is unlikely for most courses. However, there might be alternative admission processes, such as direct entry programs or diploma courses, which you can explore to increase your chances of securing admission into the university.

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How can I prepare effectively to meet the cut-off mark for my desired course at UNILAG?

To prepare effectively and increase your chances of meeting the cut-off mark, it’s crucial to focus on your academics and ensure you have a strong foundation in the subjects related to your desired course.

Additionally, consider enrolling in preparatory classes, seeking guidance from teachers or mentors, and staying updated with the UNILAG admission requirements.

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