Kaduna state university school fees || KASU school fees for fresher and returning

Kaduna state university school fees – Kaduna State University (KASU) is a reputable institution of higher learning located in Kaduna, Nigeria.


Aspiring students often seek detailed information regarding the courses offered at KASU and their corresponding school fees.

In this comprehensive article, we will provide you with an up to date list of courses offered at KASU along with their respective school fees.

Courses and School Fees at Kaduna State University


KASU offers a diverse range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses across various disciplines.

The following is an updated list of courses offered at KASU, along with their corresponding school fees:

• Faculty of Arts

– English and Literary Studies: ₦40,000

– History: ₦40,000

– Arabic Studies: ₦40,000

– French: ₦40,000

– Hausa: ₦40,000

– Christian Religious Studies: ₦40,000

– Islamic Studies: ₦40,000

• Faculty of Social Sciences

– Economics: ₦40,000

– Political Science: ₦40,000

– Sociology: ₦40,000

– Geography: ₦40,000

– Mass Communication: ₦40,000

• Faculty of Science

– Biochemistry: ₦45,000

– Biological Sciences: ₦45,000

– Microbiology: ₦45,000

– Chemistry: ₦45,000

– Computer Science: ₦45,000

– Mathematics: ₦45,000

– Physics: ₦45,000

• Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences

– Pharmacy: ₦100,000

• Faculty of Medicine

– Medicine and Surgery: ₦150,000

• Faculty of Environmental Sciences

– Architecture: ₦70,000

– Geography: ₦70,000

– Urban and Regional Planning: ₦70,000


Are the school fees at KASU the same for all students?

No, the school fees at KASU may vary depending on the course of study. Different faculties have different fee structures, as listed above.

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Are the school fees at KASU paid annually or per semester?

The school fees at KASU are typically paid per session, which covers an academic year.


Are there additional fees apart from the tuition fees?

Yes, apart from tuition fees, students may be required to pay other fees such as registration fees, acceptance fees, accommodation fees, and medical fees. These additional fees may vary depending on the student’s status and course of study.


Are there any scholarship opportunities available at KASU?

Yes, KASU offers various scholarship opportunities to deserving students based on academic performance, financial need, or other criteria.

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