Valley View Polytechnic’s School Fees (2024/2025)

Embarking on your academic journey at Valley View Polytechnic in Abia State, Nigeria? Understanding the school fees is key to making informed decisions. This guide for the 2024/2025 academic session breaks down the details to help you plan your finances wisely.

Getting to Know the Fees:

Valley View Polytechnic’s school fees depend on your program, study level (National Diploma or Higher National Diploma), and if you’re from Abia State or not. Keep in mind that fees may change from time to time.

Fees Based on Programs:

Different programs have different fees. Programs in the Faculty of Engineering and Related Technology cost between ₦150,000 and ₦200,000 per academic year. Faculty of Science and Related Technology ranges from ₦120,000 to ₦170,000, while Faculty of Management and Related Technology fees fall between ₦100,000 and ₦150,000 annually.

Study Levels Matter:

Higher National Diploma (HND) programs generally have higher fees compared to National Diploma (ND) programs. This is because HND involves more advanced studies and specialization.

Residency Status Counts:

If you’re from Abia State, you may enjoy discounted fees as an indigenous student compared to non-indigenous students from other states.

Additional Costs:

Apart from program fees, be prepared for extra expenses like acceptance fees, medical insurance, optional hostel accommodation, laboratory fees (for specific programs), and examination fees.

Financial Support and Scholarships:

Valley View Polytechnic understands that students might face financial challenges. They offer various financial aid options and scholarships, including merit-based scholarships for outstanding students, need-based scholarships for those with financial difficulties, government grants and loans, and work-study programs. Explore these options to lighten your financial load.

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Transparent Payments:

Valley View Polytechnic values transparency. You can find detailed fee breakdowns on their official website, notice boards, or by contacting the finance department. For payment convenience, options include bank deposits, online payments, and on-campus POS terminals.


whether you’re diving into the world of Engineering, Science, or Management at Valley View Polytechnic, understanding the fees, seeking financial aid, and choosing a convenient payment method are crucial steps towards a successful academic journey. Plan ahead, explore your options, and embrace the opportunities Valley View Polytechnic has to offer!

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