AFIT School Fees For Computer Science 2024

If you’re considering pursuing computer science at the Air Force Institute of Technology (AFIT) in Nigeria, understanding the cost of tuition is crucial. In this blog post, we’ll break down the AFIT school fees for computer science during the 2023-2024 academic session and provide helpful tips on how to manage these expenses.

AFIT School Fees for Computer Science (2023-2024):

For the upcoming academic session, the tuition fee for computer science at AFIT is ₦50,000, covering the entire academic year.

Additional Fees:

Apart from tuition, computer science students are required to pay various additional fees:

  1. Acceptance fee: ₦20,000
  2. Caution deposit: ₦5,000
  3. Sports/Games fee: ₦5,000
  4. Examination fee: ₦4,000
  5. Medical Services fee: ₦10,000
  6. Library Services fee: ₦1,000
  7. Students’ Handbook fee: ₦2,000

Total Fees for Computer Science Students at AFIT (2023-2024):

The cumulative cost for computer science students at AFIT for the academic session is ₦97,000. This includes tuition, acceptance fee, caution deposit, sports/games fee, examination fee, medical services fee, library services fee, and students’ handbook fee.

Tips for Paying AFIT School Fees for Computer Science:

  1. Apply for Scholarships and Grants: Seek out available scholarships and grants specifically for computer science students at AFIT. These financial aids can significantly alleviate the burden of tuition costs.
  2. Consider Student Loans: Explore the option of obtaining a student loan from banks or financial institutions. Many institutions offer student loans with reasonable repayment terms.
  3. Part-Time Work: Students can consider part-time employment opportunities in Kaduna to help cover their tuition fees. Look for flexible work arrangements that align with your academic schedule.
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By following these tips, students can make pursuing computer science at AFIT more financially manageable. It’s essential to explore various avenues to secure financial assistance and strike a balance between academics and part-time work. This comprehensive guide aims to equip students with the information needed to navigate the financial aspects of their education at AFIT.

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