Direct Entry Requirements For Medicine And Surgery In Nigeria

Dreaming of a career in medicine and surgery in Nigeria? The journey may seem challenging, with fierce competition for admission. However, there’s a secret door – direct entry. In this blog post, we’ll explore the straightforward routes to secure your spot in this coveted field.

Direct Entry Requirements:

Getting into medicine and surgery through direct entry involves meeting specific criteria. The most common path is holding a degree in a relevant science subject such as biology, chemistry, or physics. Your degree should be nothing less than a second class upper division (2.1).

Another option is passing the Interim Joint Matriculation Board Examination (IJMBE), a pre-university test assessing your basic sciences knowledge. Scoring a minimum of 60% is crucial for success.

Additionally, having a diploma in a relevant medical science subject is another door to direct entry. Ensure your diploma is from a recognized institution, and meeting the minimum requirements is essential.


Navigating the competitive landscape of medicine and surgery in Nigeria becomes more achievable with direct entry. Whether you hold a science degree, ace the IJMBE, or possess a recognized diploma, these paths can open the door to your dream career. Embrace the journey, meet the requirements, and step confidently into the world of medicine and surgery. Your future in healthcare awaits!

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