FUDMA Non-Academic Staff Salary Structure

Federal University Dutsin-Ma (FUDMA) in Nigeria is a respected institution with a significant non-academic staff base supporting its operations. However, concerns have been raised about the salary structure for these staff members, which often falls below the living standards in Katsina State, where FUDMA is situated.

Salary Structure at FUDMA:

At FUDMA, non-academic staff members start with a basic salary ranging from N150,000 to N200,000 per month. With experience, there are minor salary increments, but even after a decade of service, the salary may only reach N250,000 to N300,000 monthly. Additionally, while there are allowances like housing and transport, they are insufficient to bridge the gap caused by the low basic salary.

Challenges Faced:

The current salary structure poses several challenges:

  1. Difficulty in attracting and retaining qualified staff.
  2. Low morale and job dissatisfaction among existing staff.
  3. Contributing to the brain drain of skilled workers from Nigeria.


To address these challenges, several solutions can be considered:

  1. Salary Increase: FUDMA administration should consider raising the salaries of non-academic staff to better reflect the cost of living.
  2. Additional Benefits: Apart from salary, providing additional benefits like housing and transportation allowances could alleviate financial strain.
  3. Government Support: The government could offer financial assistance to FUDMA specifically aimed at improving non-academic staff salaries.
  4. Union Negotiations: Non-academic staff unions should engage in negotiations with university management to advocate for better salary structures.


Improving the salary structure for non-academic staff at FUDMA is crucial for ensuring the university’s efficient operation and retaining skilled personnel. By implementing the suggested solutions, FUDMA can work towards resolving the salary disparity issue and creating a more conducive work environment for its non-academic staff.

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