Kwara State College Of Education School Fees For Freshers And Returning Students

If you’re a new or returning student at Kwara State College of Education (KWCOE) in Ilorin, Nigeria, understanding the school fees structure is crucial. In this blog post, we break down the fees for the 2023/2024 academic session, making it easy for you to plan your budget.

School Fees for Freshers:

For freshers, the total school fees amount to N95,950. Here’s the breakdown:

  1. Tuition fee: N55,950
  2. Acceptance fee: N10,000
  3. Registration fee: N5,000
  4. Examination fee: N5,000
  5. Medical and health fee: N5,000
  6. Student union fee: N2,000
  7. Sports and recreational fee: N2,000
  8. Development levy: N10,000

School Fees for Returning Students:

Returning students will pay a total of N70,800, consisting of the following:

  1. Tuition fee: N43,800
  2. Registration fee: N5,000
  3. Examination fee: N5,000
  4. Medical and health fee: N5,000
  5. Student union fee: N2,000
  6. Sports and recreational fee: N2,000
  7. Development levy: N10,000

Accommodation (Optional):

For those opting for accommodation, an additional N40,000 per year is applicable.

Payment Procedures: School fees can be paid conveniently online or at designated bank branches. To pay online, generate a payment invoice on the KWCOE website and make the payment using your debit or credit card. For bank payments, get a payment teller from any designated bank branch, fill it out, pay the required amount, and retain a copy for your records.


Understanding the KWCOE school fees structure is essential for effective financial planning. Whether you’re a fresher or a returning student, this guide provides a clear breakdown to help you manage your educational expenses. Plan accordingly and make your payments through the available online or bank payment options.

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