List Of Courses Offered In Maurid Polytechnic

Thinking about your education and future career? Maurid Polytechnic, nestled in Mbiaso, Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria, is your go-to place for top-notch vocational and tertiary education. Dive into this comprehensive guide to discover the diverse academic programs that Maurid Polytechnic has to offer. Let’s explore the five schools and the exciting programs available to help you make informed decisions about your educational journey.

School of Engineering:

For tech enthusiasts, the School of Engineering is the place to be. Here, you can choose from exciting programs like:

  1. Computer Engineering: Learn the ins and outs of designing, developing, and implementing computer systems and software.
  2. Electrical and Electronics Engineering: Gain skills to work with electrical circuits, devices, and systems.
  3. Telecommunication Technology: Be prepared for a dynamic career in telecommunications, covering network infrastructure, signal processing, and data transmission.

School of Arts and Humanities:

If you’re into creativity and critical thinking, the School of Arts and Humanities offers programs like:

  1. History and International Relations: Deepen your understanding of historical events and contemporary global affairs.
  2. Mass Communication: Acquire skills to effectively communicate and disseminate information across various media platforms.
  3. Media and Performing Arts: Unleash your talent in theatre, film production, and other performing arts disciplines.
  4. Paralegal Studies: Get ready for legal support roles with knowledge of legal procedures and documentation.

School of Management and Social Sciences:

For future leaders and business professionals, the School of Management and Social Sciences provides programs such as:

  1. Accountancy: Develop competence in financial accounting, auditing, and tax management.
  2. Banking and Finance: Acquire knowledge and skills for careers in banking, financial analysis, and investment management.
  3. Business Administration: Learn the fundamentals of business management, entrepreneurship, and organizational leadership.
  4. Government and Public Administration: Prepare for public service careers, focusing on policy analysis, governance, and public administration.
  5. Sociology: Gain a critical understanding of social structures, institutions, and human behavior.
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School of Sciences:

If you have a scientific inclination, the School of Sciences offers programs like:

  1. Computer Science: Acquire foundational knowledge and skills in computer programming, algorithms, and data structures.

School of Health Sciences:

For healthcare enthusiasts, the School of Health Sciences provides programs like:

  1. Energy Health Technology: Prepare for careers in the emerging field of energy-based healthcare technologies.
  2. Environmental Health and Safety: Develop skills for managing environmental hazards and promoting workplace safety.
  3. Nursing Administration: Get ready for leadership roles in healthcare settings, focusing on nursing management and healthcare policy.
  4. Public Health Administration: Acquire skills to manage public health programs and address community health challenges.
  5. Science Laboratory Technology: Explore specializations in laboratory sciences, including Environmental Biology, Microbiology, Physics Electronics, and Statistics.

Additional Considerations:

Maurid Polytechnic also offers National Diploma (ND), Higher National Diploma (HND), and Degree programs in various disciplines. The institution is committed to staying current with industry trends and student needs. Detailed program information and admission requirements are readily accessible for your convenience.

Embark on your educational journey at Maurid Polytechnic, where practical skills and industry-relevant knowledge await you!

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