Canada Visa Fee: How much is Visa from Nigeria to Canada

Canada Visa Fee: How much is Visa from Nigeria to Canada

How much is Visa from Nigeria to Canada? 

This is the most frequently asked question by those who plan to travel to Canada from Nigeria.

For you to apply for a Canadian visa, there are two forms of payment. Meanwhile, it is worth mentioning that one is cheaper than the other.

So your choice depends on your skill with online payments. Keep in mind that 1 Canadian dollar is equivalent to 302 naira approximately.

All payments corresponding to the Canadian visa application must be made online and in the current currency of that country.

Also, the payments must be done with credit cards that are available for international transactions.

Categories of Canada Visas

  • Tourist Visa

A tourist visa is issued in cases where the purpose of the trip is tourist activity, familiarization with the national and cultural traditions of the country.

You can also visit unique historical monuments and places with the tourist visa.

The cost of a tourist visa is $100 (N30,200)

  • Visitor Visa

A visitor visa allows you to visit close relatives, friends and acquaintances who permanently reside in Canada.

Having received this visa, you can stay in the country for up to 6 months and attend language courses duration that is less than 3 months.

A visitor visa does not give the right to receive medical care free of charge. If necessary, it is advisable to take out medical insurance during your stay.

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The cost visitor visa is $100 (N30,200)

  • Business Visa

A business visa is opened for business or official travel for economic cooperation with companies and private businessmen in Canada.

Also, attending various trade exhibitions and participating in conferences in the field of trade and economics.

The cost of business visas are below;

  • Principal applicant – $1575 (N475,650)
  • Spouse, common-law or conjugal partner – $825 (N249,150)
  • A dependent child below the age of 22 or a dependent over the age of 22 who finds it difficult to support his/herself financially due to a physical or mental condition – $225 (67,950) per dependent
  • Work Visa

A work visa is required for foreign nationals wishing to legally work in Canada for some time. It is issued if there is an invitation or an employment agreement with a local employer in Canada.

The cost of a work visa is $155 (N46,810)

  • Student Visa

A student visa is required to study at an accredited educational institution in Canada. I

t is issued if the duration of the training program is more than 6 months. For courses that require less than 6 months of attendance, a student visa is not required.

The cost of student visa $150 ($45,300)

Canadian Visa Fees in Nigeria

Below is a summary of the Canadian visa fees in Nigeria;

  • The cost of a visa for visitors to the country costs 100 Canadian dollars (N30, 200) per person.
  • For families of 5 or more people, this visa fee is $ 500 (N151,000).
  • The application for a study permit has a cost of $ 150 (N45,300) per person and the renewal of this permit costs $ 350 (N105,700).
  • The work permit fee $155 (N46,810) per person, for groups of 3 or more people it costs $350 (N105,700) and the renewal amounts to $ 355 (N107,210).
  • You will also have to pay $ 85 (N25, 670) for your biometric data, a full fee.
  • The Canada visitor visa fee is $100 (N30, 200)
  • Student restore status is $200 (N60,400)
  • Renewal of Visitor Status fee is $200 (N60,400)
  • Biometric for a family is $170 (N51,340)
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Now the question ‘how much is a visa from Nigeria to Canada?’ has been answered. It is left for you to go ahead with the application process.

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