Dubai Immigration: How To Apply for Dubai Visa

Dubai Immigration

Hundreds of ordinary people and billionaires around the world dream of living in Dubai which is one of the richest and most luxurious places in the world.

This city is considered one of the most expensive on the planet, in turn making it a very attractive place.

So would you like to live in this city?

Yes, this article will cover the Dubai immigration process.

Types of Dubai Visas

To Immigrate to Dubai, you will need a visa and a passport. Meanwhile, there different types of visas. These visas vary according to how long you are willing to stay. Below are some of them;

  • Tourist Visa

This visa authorizes you to stay of up to 30 days and can be renewed for another period of the same duration. The issue price is AED 275, and the renewal of AED 710.

  • Transit Visa

It is used in the case of connections or short stays of between 8 and 96 hours. The cost of this visa is AED 190.

  • Visit Visa

It is recommended for longer visits of up to 90 days and requires the investment of 1,155 AED.

  • Work Visa

If you intend to work for an employer in Dubai, then you should go with this visa.

Dubai Immigration Procedure

There are different ways to immigrate to Dubai but one of the easiest ways is by using a work visa. So follow the steps below to immigrate to Dubai.

  1. Learn English and Arabic
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Learning both languages will make it easier for you to find a job and have a broad social life in Dubai.

However, you should know more English than Arabic even if Arabic is the second official language of the nation. 90% of the population speaks English, so you must have a minimum level of B2 to be able to immigrate.

  1. Get a job

To immigrate to the United Arab Emirates, it is recommended to do so through a job, as this will make it much easier to get a residence permit and a work permit.

To get a job in the UAE, you can choose to go to: the country’s Recruitment Agency; the Gulflancer recruiter; or to the job board for the Gulf countries, GoToGulf.

  1. Apply For a Work Permit

Your employer must apply for a work permit from the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization, also known as ‘MoHRE’. The work permit will be essential to apply for the residence permit.

  1. Request an ID card

According to different expat sites, when you immigrate to the UAE, you must register and apply for a resident identity card, this must be before applying for residency.

  1. Apply For a Residence Permit

Your employer is the one who should be in charge of applying for your residence permit. To carry out this procedure you will need:

  • Application form.
  • Copy of your passport, which should not be close to expiring.
  • Four passport-type photographs.
  • Work permit issued by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization.
  • Medical certificate.


  1. Apply For a Work Visa

After you have signed your contract, your employer or sponsor can apply for a work visa for you. The documents that are required to fill out this permit are:

  • Two completed application forms.
  • A valid passport that is not about to expire.
  • Colour copy of the passport and the application.
  • Two original passport-format photographs.
  • A cover letter that includes: Job and reason for the visit; type of visa required for the visit; contact details of the person sponsoring you in the United Arab Emirates.
  • Copy of immigration status.
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  1. Get Health Insurance

Among the requirements to immigrate to any nation, it is required to have private health insurance with national coverage or on a continent level, because in case something happens to you, you can have medical support to help you.

  1. Obtain Your Visa

After the application, the process can take up to seven business days for consideration by the UAE Ministry of Immigration.

In urgent cases, you can request an advance in that period, upon payment of additional fees.

Once the visa had been authorized, the sponsor will send you a permit to enter the country, which must be printed and presented to the immigration authorities at the Dubai airport or other entrance of the city.

  1. Open a Bank Account

You will not be able to open a bank account in Dubai until you are an official resident.  So if the residency issue is handled, the process to open it can take between one and two weeks.

  1. Keep the Visa in Hand at All Times

The visa can be used for a maximum of 60 days from the date of issue. Due to the expiration of 30 days, you have to renew it if you intend to stay in Dubai for an extended period.


Now that we have covered the most important aspects of Dubai immigration, it is left for you to take the necessary actions.

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