Student Jobs in Australia

Student Jobs in Australia

Are you going to Australia with a student visa and you are worried about the kind of work to do to support yourself during your stay.

Don’t worry, this article will give you a clearer idea of the kind of jobs you can do as a student.

Therefore, you should pay attention to the list we have for you today.

8 Student Jobs in Australia

Once you have obtained the student visa to work in Australia and all the requirements to work in Australia have been met, below are the most typical jobs that international students who come to live in Australia usually do.

Which of them will you choose?

  1. Shop Assistant

You will have to work for the public/warehouse where you will interact with customers and have to manage the store’s stock.

The better your English, the greater your fluency in dealing with clients and colleagues.

Stores often have flexible working hours. You can work with a “casual” contract for hours or agree to a full time or part-time contract.

  1. Waiter/Waitress

It is probably one of the most common student jobs in Australia. You will have to serve meals, clean tables and have a direct first line deal with the client.

It is very physically demanding but will give you a lot of fluency with the language and get you a lot of money.

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If you’ve never done this job, you’re sure to be nervous the first few times. In this sense, YouTube is a great source for tutorials.

  1. Kitchen Helper

The cities of Australia are full of restaurants and cafes, so it’s not surprising that there is work in their kitchens.

Whether it is a cook’s assistant or simply washing dishes, it is a type of job that many people start with, and why not, if you are good at cooking you can become a great cook assistant.

It is a very intense and sometimes stressful job; you will have to work long and long hours.

But you can save a lot of money on food if the company allows you to eat for free between shifts.

  1. Barman

Here is a profession associated with the world of hospitality. A barman is a person who serves alcoholic beverages behind the bar of bar or pub.

It is a grateful job for those people who like to talk and do not mind working at night, since many of these jobs are at nighttime hours.

You must know how to prepare cocktails and understand when not to serve more alcohol to a person.

In Australia, the laws on the consumption of alcohol are very strict.

If you want to work serving alcoholic beverages, you must also obtain a permit called the RSA (Responsible Service of Alcohol) certificate, a small compulsory online training in Australia for all those people who work serving alcohol.

  1. Cleaner

Cleaning work is a common job among foreign students in Australia. Many cleaning companies employ young people to clean offices, private houses or hotels.

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If you clean offices, then you need to work at night hours but if you clean private houses, you will work in the day while their owners are at work.

It can be quite a lonely job but on the other hand, you don’t need to speak too much English.

Make sure you negotiate good employment conditions, it is a sector where companies can put abusive conditions on employees.

  1. Food Delivery Service

Another of the most common jobs for students in Australia is the food delivery service. Your job will consist of going to collect food orders at home.

You will then pick up the order at the restaurant that cooks it and deliver it to the house or place where the person who requested it.

This type of work is carried out as a freelance (as a self-employed), so you will need to have your motorcycle or bicycle to make the deliveries.

  1. Flyer Dispatcher

This is a pretty common job, especially to start with. You will have to work for one or more companies distributing flyers or promotional papers for bars and restaurants with promotions or discounts.

You will distribute to people walking by at street level, usually in busy commercial areas.

This is a low-skilled job that requires standing for long hours with a constant smile.

  1. A waiter at Festivals and Events

This is a variant of hospitality work. Especially in cities like Sydney and Melbourne where events and festivals are held throughout the year.

Hence, there are companies specialized in this type of cultural activities that constantly need labour to serve food and drink to the attendees.

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Remember that if you are going to serve alcoholic beverages you will have to obtain the RSA certificate.


In conclusion, we can say that the labour market in Australia offers many opportunities and a wide variety of types of jobs for students in Australia.

Meanwhile, Attitude and perseverance will play a key role in your chances of finding a job, as well as your level of English and your ability to interact with people and generate your job opportunities.

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