Study in Australia

Study in Australia

Choosing to study in Australia might end up being the most correct decision that you have ever made.

Australia is a fantastic place, with lush nature and landscapes that will make you want to explore every corner of the country.

It is a warm and welcoming country; a place that, despite the miles away, will make you feel at home.

Also, you can work while you study. This will allow you to pay for your expenses and get extra money while studying.

So, this article will let you the most important things about studying in Australia.

Reasons to Study in Australia

It is time to find out the reasons why to study in Australia and not in any other place.

This is our list, but we assure you that each traveller also finds their reasons in this wonderful country.

  • Studying in Australia with a student visa allows you to work and therefore pay for your expenses.
  • The educational offer is immense and Australian educational centres have great international prestige and quality in their classes.
  • It allows you to divide the payments of the courses so it is much more accessible.
  • Australia is an English-speaking country, that is, whatever you study, you will continue to improve your English!
  • The quality of life is very high, the job opportunities are abundant and the warmth of the Aussies very welcoming.
  • It is a very safe country.
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Requirements to Study in Australia

Before planning your trip, you should check if you meet the requirements to study in Australia.

Although the requirements may vary depending on your nationality but below are the main ones;

  • Be over 16 years old (and over 18 if you want to work).
  • Be enrolled in the Australian school where you will take the course (be it English, technical or university degree).
  • Have an approved student visa.
  • Have student health insurance for the duration of your stay.
  • English level: depending on the studies you are going to take, the school may ask you for a level test to determine your command of the language before accepting the application.
  • Have the passport up to date.
  • If you have travelled to exotic countries in recent months, they may require specific medical tests.
  • Depending on what type, of course, you are going to take (technical courses VET, TAFE, Master, University), they will ask you for a certificate of previous studies (at least Secondary Education) to accept you.
  • You will have to write a GTE (Genuine Temporary Entrant), a letter in which you have to explain why you want to study in the country. They just want genuine students).
  • They may request biometric tests.
  • They may ask you to demonstrate financial solvency. This means demonstrating that you have sufficient financial funds to pay for the course and your maintenance in the country.

Steps to Study in Australia

Now that you have known some essential aspects of studying in Australia, it is time to know the steps to follow for your trip.

  1. Make Research
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Know what to study (the type of course and school) and where to live (in what city and in what neighbourhood).

Also, budget the costs of the entire trip.

  1. Choose Course And School. 

In Australia, there are thousands of educational centres across the country. There are of all different prices, levels and qualities.

You must inform yourself to find out which ones offer the best value for money.

  1. Enrol in the School

Once you choose a school or schools, it is time to register. Some schools will ask for some requirements to be able to formalize your entry (level of English, demonstration of financial funds, proof of completed studies that are related to the course you want to attend, letter that explains the reasons why you want to do this course).

  1. Make the First Payment

Once your school accepts your enrollment application, it is time to make the first major payment. These payments include;

  • Payment of the first part of your course (Tuition Fee) – Normally, the first 3 months of the course are paid in advance to reserve your place. It will depend on the course you choose and the payment facilities (payment plan) set by the chosen school.
  • Payment of the registration or registration fee (Enrollment Fee) – It is usually a payment of about 200 – 250 AUD $.
  • Payment of the course materials (Material Fee) – corresponding to books and other materials provided by the school to be able to follow the course.

Once this first payment has been made to the school, it will issue a document called CoE (Confirmation of Enrollment), which is the document that certifies that your enrollment as a future student of the school has been formalized.

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If you have decided to split the payment and make a payment plan, remember to take into account the dates for the next payments.

  1. Apply For the Student Visa

With your course booked, it’s time to apply for your student visa with the Australian Immigration Department.

You will have to pay the 560 AUD $ that the visa is worth and fill out a form with personal information.

Once the application is sent, it can take between 24 hours and even a month to approve your visa depending on many factors such as the complexity of your case, the number of applications received or the time of year.

Until one day you receive an email that says “Visa Granted”.

  1. Plan Your Trip

With the approved visa, it will be time to focus on your trip.

Health Insurance to Study and Work in Australia

You should know that to obtain your student visa, you must contract special medical insurance for students that covers you throughout your stay.

There are a limited number of companies that offer this type of service with fees that are around 45 AUD per month.

This type of insurance covers basic assistance for any international student studying and working temporarily in Australia.


At this point, you shouldn’t be having any doubt related to studying in Australia because we have covered the most important thing you should know.

Ensure that you share this with your colleagues online who are also interested in studying in Australia.

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