How to Apply for Canada Business Visa

How to Apply for Canada Business Visa

A business visa in Canada is a legal document that grants every foreign entrepreneur or businessman the possibility of starting a business, investing or establishing business relationships with other companies in Canada.

Meanwhile, there are mainly two immigration programs for business people;

  1. Business immigration programs administered by the federal government of Canada.
  2. The Quebec program is aimed at investors who wish to establish themselves solely in the Quebec province.

Both of them would be discussed below;

Canada Federal Government Immigration Program for Business People

These programs are designed to attract experienced investors interested in opening companies in the Canadian territory to join the development of the prosperous economy in Canada.

Although, the candidate must meet certain selection criteria. This should be according to the profile you have.

However, you can only claim one of the three categories that make up the program: investor, entrepreneur or self-employed.

Below we describe in detail each of the categories of the federal government of Canada’s immigration program for business people;

  1. Entrepreneur Visa

This category is aimed at experienced business people who want to directly operate a Canadian company they own that will contribute to the economic development of Canada and will generate sources of employment in the country.

The entrepreneur must demonstrate a solid track record in the business world, which means that he must have managed an eligible company and controlled a percentage of the equity capital of that company, for at least three years.

Meanwhile, the eligible business must meet at least two of the following criteria:

  • The percentage of equity, multiplied by the annual sales volume, is equal to or greater than 500 thousand dollars.
  • The percentage of equity, multiplied by the net income for the year, is equal to or greater than 50 thousand dollars.
  • The percentage of equity, multiplied by the net assets at the end of the year, is equal to or greater than 125 thousand dollars.
  • The percentage of equity, multiplied by the equivalent of the number of full-time jobs, is equal to or greater than the number of two full-time jobs per year.
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The other eligibly criteria are as shown below;

  • The candidate must possess (alone or in combination) net assets that exceed the total of his liabilities by at least 500 thousand Canadian dollars, which must have been acquired legally.
  • The applicant is required to demonstrate his language skills.
  • The applicant and accompanying family members will be required to present certain medical examinations and criminal background tests.

This program is no longer running, you can find more information regarding this here

  1. Investor

Aimed at business people with a minimum of two years’ experience in the world of finance. Having managed a company and having controlled a percentage of its investment capital for at least two years.

You must possess (alone or in combination with his spouse) net assets of at least 1 million 600 thousand Canadian dollars, which must have been acquired lawfully.

Also, you must be willing to invest the minimum amount of 800 thousand Canadian dollars in a fixed term that will be administered by the Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration of Canada.

This investment will be returned to you without interest after 5 years from the date of the initial payment.

Additionally, you must have sufficient income to pay for the personal costs of the visa. Also, you are required to score at least 35 points using the point system for business people.

This program is closed for now. You can find more information on their official website

  1. Self Employed

This category works for those who have the intention and the capacity to generate employment for themselves in an area where they will also contribute significantly to the cultural, sporting or agricultural development of Canada.

The self-employed worker must meet one of the following two requirements:

  • Possess relevant experience that will enable you to contribute significantly to cultural life or sport in Canada;
  • Possess agricultural management experience and have the intention and ability to operate a farm in Canada.
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The applicant’s experience is very important; a minimum of two years of experience will be required. Therefore, the practice of any of the following activities is considered relevant experience:

  • Participation in cultural or sporting activities on an international scale.
  • Experience in the administrative management of farms or estates.

Other Requirements

You must meet other requirements, such as taking medical examinations, presenting proof of good conduct and compliance with Canadian government security controls, and demonstrating that they have sufficient savings to cover their financial needs.

Likewise, it must be demonstrated that you have the money necessary to develop economic activities in your area of ​​expertise.

You will also be evaluated using the point system for business people and be required to score at least 35 points.

To apply, you can directly contact the visit their official website.

Quebec Investor Category

This is another means of immigrating to Canada as an investor. Just that your business must be situated in the province of Quebec. Check the requirements and how to apply in the subheads below;

Requirements to Apply For the Canada Business Visa – Quebec Investor Category

  • Photocopies of the biographical pages of the passport and/or travel documents of you, your spouse and your dependent.
  • Photocopies of your birth certificate.
  • Apply to the Government of Quebec for a Certificate of Selection of Quebec (CSQ)
  • Valid study certificates.
  • University degrees obtained in your professional career.
  • Documentation that demonstrates your experience in business management and investment.
  • Documents that certify your net worth.
  • Have a net investment capital, legally obtained, of at least about $ 2 million Canadian.
  • Have at least 2 years of experience in business and investment management in the 5 years before applying for the Immigration Program for Investors.
  • Willingness to make an investment guaranteed by the Quebec government for no less than five continuous years.
  • Invest 1.2 million Canadian dollars for no less than five years
  • Original Quebec Selection Certificate.
  • A letter specifying in detail your purpose of travel.
  • Fill the generic application forms to Canada – Declaration of Intent to Reside in Quebec form (IMM 0008), Declaration form (IMM 5669), additional family information) form IMM 5406, use of a representative form IMM 5476 and IMM 5562 (Complementary information).
  • Pay to the Financial intermediary to the Government of Quebec an amount equivalent to 350,000 Canadian dollars to finance the investment project.
  • Photocopy of your visa in case you reside in a country other than your native one.
  • Photocopy of police certificates or criminal records issued by your country of residence.
  • 2 identical photographs. Photos must be taken within six (6) months before application submission.
  • Copies of account or savings statements covering the period of your stay in Canada.
  • Marriage certificate (if applicable).
  • Have no criminal record in Canada
  • Pay the fees for the business visa application process in your investor category.
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Steps To Apply For the Business Visa in Your Investor Category

  1. Foreign citizens outside of Canada interested in processing a business visa in their investor category must necessarily carry out the following steps:
  2. Consult the Official Page of the Government of Canada in the section Application for permanent residence for investors
  3. Present all the necessary documentation that supports your assets and managerial experience.
  4. Fill-in correctly with the information required in the following form: Generic application form for Canada (IMM 0008), duly completed and signed.
  5. Print and validate the information on each form.
  6. Pay the fees corresponding to the procedure.
  7. If you have successfully demonstrated your investor status, the Government of Québec will issue a selection letter that will allow you to travel to Québec for your planned investment business activities. Note: Admission to Canada is the sole responsibility of the Federal Government of Canada.
  8. After being selected by Quebec, the applicant will need to apply for permanent residence (visa) to the Canada Centralized Admission Office in Sydney, Nova Scotia.
  9. Subsequently, the holder is selected by Quebec and admitted by the Government of Canada and issued a permanent resident.


I believe that you now understand the various categories of business visas, eligibilities and their application procedure.

Anyway, we noticed that there are a lot of people in search of how to apply for a Canada business visa.

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