Top Countries in the World You Can Migrate and Get a Good Job

Top Countries in the World You Can Migrate and Get a Good Job

Beyond a good salary, there are other factors in which being able to go abroad to work is a comfortable, pleasant and comforting experience.

If you came here looking for information about a job outside of your country; you are in the right place, stay with us, we will tell you the best countries in the world you can migrate to and get a good job.

Generally, the best countries to get a job tend to be all those countries in which the salary or minimum wage is much higher than any other.

This is very important but not always essential, because the quality of life plays a leading role in these decisions.

So, we will leave you a list of the countries of our selection today;

  1. Australia

Australia is surely one of the best options you can choose. The hourly wage income in Australia is one of the highest in the world, reaching an average of between 11 and 13 EUROS (€) per hour, this would be equivalent to about $ 14 (USD) per hour.

In addition to this incredible income; Australia has some really beautiful countries, in which Sydney stands out, and is its main source of tourism.

The combination of nature and civilization, make the city one of the best to consider in the world.

The most frequent jobs in Australia tend to be Hospitality, Construction, Logistics and Nanny Services (Childcare) among others.

  1. Sweden
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Sweden is another country to take into account to be able to work; having a comfortable amount of 43,600 EUROS (€) per year, which would be equivalent to approximately close to 50,000 $ (USD) per year, not bad, right?

Likewise, the most demanded jobs in this country are usually Civil Engineering, Bus Driver, Doctors, Mechanic, Business Administrator, among others.

Beyond these good salaries, Sweden is a warm living environment, in which issues such as security, quality of services, economy and politics, are very stable.

  1. Canada

It is known that the average minimum wage in Canada is usually around 1,300 EUROS (€) per month while the average salary is usually around 3,000 EUROS (€), which should be equivalent to about $ 3,300 (USD)) per month. Surprising isn’t it?

Canada is characterized by allowing its tourists to stay within the country for at least 6 months, something that gives them a certain opportunity to seek a part-time job and generate income, as well as obtain a nationality within the territory.

The Canadian government offers a unique service especially aimed at young people which seeks to provide the opportunity for youth visa to work legally in Canada for at least 1 year.

Meanwhile, depending on the productivity and effectiveness of young people, this visa can be extended and give you more working time.

  1. Germany

Germany is another great country in which working can be a great honorific opportunity. This country is undoubtedly full of good and highly paid jobs, it has an endless catalogue of good job opportunities.

It is known that their salary per month is usually between 1,700 and 2,000 EUROS (€) which should be equivalent to approximately $ 2,120 (USD) per month.

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By law, the maximum time that you can work in Germany is around 5 hours, that is, you will be earning around $ 2,000 (USD) with only working a total of approximately 100 hours a month whereas in another country you would be giving around 240 hours a month.

Beyond this, the environment that Germany has is superior to any other country, giving you a very good quality of life.

  1. United Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirates are another of the best options that you can choose if what you want is to go to work, produce and earn money.

With a small local population, the UAE’s economy relies on expatriates to drive the country’s income. There are high levels of disposable income, increased salaries and job growth.

Professions such as Accountants, Chefs, Nurses, Civil Engineers, Architects, Design Engineers, among other things, are also in high demand by Arabs.

The average annual salary of the UAE is $ 112,820.

  1. China

China is without a doubt the giant in terms of employment. Yes, it is a monster in terms of work.

Have you ever seen how ants work as a team to perform a task?

This is how you work in China! Collective work, plus a large number of workers, is essential in its production.

All jobs in China are in demand, so there will never be a shortage of people.

But what about the payment? It’s good?

China is very big; possibly the largest on earth after Russia, Antarctica and Canada, so depending on where you live in China, the pay will be different.

Shanghai is the place in China where it is paid the highest, having around 2,240 Yuan, this would be equivalent to about $ 321 (USD) per month.

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Wait! Compared to the other points, it is very little, right?

Well, here comes the secret, in China it is usual that you always have a job, for which each of them will pay you a fixed amount per month, as long as you continue working.

There are calculations in which they indicate that an average employee in China, usually earns up to $ 11,000 (USD) per month.

  1. New Zealand

New Zealand is another of the countries to take into account to go to work. Its minimum monthly salary is usually around 1,670 EUROS (€) which would be equivalent to about $ 1,833 (USD) a month.

The quality of life that New Zealand offers is also very good to be able to get to work here, it will surely be among your best options.

  1. Switzerland

Switzerland has consistently ranked as the best destination to establish a career abroad. The country combines the best salary prospects with a good work-life balance and an excellent work culture.

The average annual salary in Switzerland is $ 188,275.


Now that you have 8 of the top countries in the world you can migrate and get a good job, it is left for you to choose the one that suits you the most.

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